For the last 10 years, Ahern’s safety record has averaged 2.2 times better than the industry average.

Our consistent low incident rates mean there’s less risk on general contractor’s projects, and less risk to facility owners. Job site safety is critical, which is why we’ve developed an award-winning safety program. We lead the industry in creating safety awareness through education, training, support, accountability, and pre-planning.

Pre-planning takes place at the start of each day, and involves project teams ensuring they have the right tools, training, and personnel to complete their work safely. Together with close communication between our in-house Safety professionals, executives, project managers, field supervisors, and peers, Ahern is continually implementing methods for improving the safety of our team, as well as yours.

Our Safety Program Includes:

  • Regular, stringent job site inspections
  • Extensive safety training and orientation
  • Mandatory pre-planning meetings
  • In-depth incident investigation
  • Active safety committees in each office
  • Ongoing safety incentive program