• Agriculture

    Ahern offers complete fire protection, mechanical, and prefabrication services to agricultural clients. Visit our Expertise pages to learn how you can benefit from our knowledgeable and experienced team.

    Agricultural fire protection
  • Alternative/Biofuel Facilities

    We’ve completed more than $44.5 million of renewable fuel work in the last 10 years. Each of these GMP projects was completed on time and below the set budget. From small system service needs to installations and providing prefabricated piping, Ahern is a key player in the alternative fuel market.

    piping fabrication for alternative fuels
  • Assisted Living/Nursing Homes

    Whether you’re constructing a new facility or need service to existing systems, Ahern’s experience will streamline your requests. We’re experts at retrofitting existing facilities with minimal disruption to residents and staff, and our team members are highly complimented for their professionalism and communication.

  • Biotechnology

    Ahern’s broad range of services is a significant benefit to biotechnology clients. From prefabrication and installation of process piping and equipment to mechanical and fire protection systems installation, service and inspection, Ahern’s knowledgeable team drives accuracy and efficiency on your projects and requests.

  • Breweries/Distilleries

    From process piping installation and fabrication to energy solutions and fire protection, HVAC, and plumbing installation, service and commissioning, Ahern is a full-service provider to breweries and distilleries.

    fire protection for distilleries
  • Chemical/Industrial Plants

    Your chemical or industrial plant requires precision and quality installation and service. Ahern offers expertise as a construction, service, and fabrication partner to improve the success of you next project or request.

  • Cold Storage

    The systems servicing your cold storage facility are not the same as traditional facilities. Ahern is one of few Quell fire protection providers in the U.S. that is licensed to install and service these systems designed around your operational needs. Our HVAC, plumbing, industrial process, and energy solutions teams also provide expertise for installations, modifications, and system service.

    cold storage facility fire protection
  • Correctional Facilities

    Ahern’s fire protection, HVAC, and plumbing work can be found in correctional facilities of all sizes throughout the Midwest. Whether your institution requires new installations, modifications, or repairs, our teams will ensure your systems meet site requirements and your schedule.

  • Data Center Fire Suppression Systems

    We fully appreciate the repercussions of data center downtime, so we understand why organizations spend so much money preventing such an occurrence. That's why JF Ahern specializes in carefully working around sensitive equipment and keeping your data center operational. Learn more >

  • District Heating/Utility

    From industrial process and plumbing work to prefabricated piping and HVAC installations, Ahern offers its expertise to municipalities, utility providers, and facilities with central energy plants.

  • Educational Facilities

    Make an educated choice when selecting your mechanical or fire protection contractor. Ahern offers extensive experience, a knowledgeable team, and a track record for success on new construction, remodel, and service work.

    fire protection for colleges and universities
  • Entertainment/Recreation

    Your facility was built to attract attention, but its mechanical and fire protection systems should not. Rely on Ahern’s service expertise to keep your building systems fully operational, up to code, and running as designed. If you’re building a new entertainment facility, our knowledgeable teams will provide the attention to details needed to deliver success.

  • Food/Beverage

    Ahern has performed fire protection inspections in over 160 food and beverage facilities. We’ve completed mechanical and process installations on over 100 food and beverage projects as well.

    fire protection for food industry
  • Government

    From fire stations to libraries, military grounds, judicial facilities, postal centers and more, we’re experienced at completing our work to meet your budget and schedule. Visit our Expertise pages to learn more about specific offerings and ways we can improve your project or service request.

  • Healthcare

    We’ve performed systems design, installation, and service work in 70% of Wisconsin’s hospitals, among several others throughout the Midwest. Whether you’re looking to relocate a few sprinkler heads or maintain existing systems, remodel a clinic, or construct a 300+-bed hospital, we’ll deliver expert guidance to steer your project to success.

  • High-Rise/Multi Housing

    Installing and servicing systems to support multiple work or living spaces requires a strong understanding of system designs and code requirements. Ahern’s vast experience with high-rise and multi-housing facilities results in efficient completion of your construction or service projects.

  • Laboratories/Pharmaceutical

    With a broad range of capabilities and vast experience, lab and pharmaceutical building owners are confident in selecting Ahern to install or service their process piping, plumbing, HVAC, and fire protection systems.

    fire protection system for laboratory
  • Lodging

    From a 10-unit motel to an upscale resort, Ahern has served as a design and code consultant, systems installer, commissioning agent, energy advisor, and service and inspection provider on several lodging projects.

  • Manufacturing

    Whether you’re expanding manufacturing operations, modifying equipment, or seeking a service provider, Ahern offers the expertise needed to streamline these projects and keep you focused on operations. Learn how our services can benefit your facility by visiting our Expertise pages.

  • Mining Operations

    Ahern supports mining operation facilities with industrial process, HVAC systems, plumbing, fire protection, and pipe fabrication expertise. We also install and service fire protection systems specially designed to protect industrial mining equipment and vehicles.

  • Museums

    Ahern exhibits its mastery of mechanical, fire protection, or prefabrication services for museum projects and requests across the Midwest. Whether your museum is a public space or an internal exhibit, we’ll ensure your building systems meet both your needs and regulatory codes.

  • Offices/Commercial Buildings

    We’ve installed and serviced building systems in hundreds of office and commercial facilities. Often unnoticed, Ahern’s systems keep your buildings operational, comfortable, and protected.

  • Pipeline

    Whether we’re installing systems for your pipeline or providing the prefabricated piping, you can be confident that our teams will meet your schedule and project needs.

  • Power Generation

    Since 2008, we’ve completed over 100 power generation projects for over 30 different clients. 87% have come from repeat customers. This work includes pipe fabrication, mechanical, and fire protection contracting.

    power plant fire protection
  • Publishing/Printing

    Ahern has performed work for both large, international printing/publishing companies and local community based firms.

  • Pulp & Paper

    When your facility needs piping modifications, new process lines, mechanical, or fire protection installation or service, or prefabricated piping, rely on Ahern’s expertise and track record for ensuring optimal performance of your pulp and paper building and process systems.

  • Refineries

    Your refinery will benefit from Ahern’s record for delivering on-time and quality prefabricated piping. We’ve shipped more than 25,000 pipe spools since 2010: 96% of our shipments have arrived per the clients’ installation schedule.

  • Religious Facilities

    Ahern’s building service teams keep your staff and members focused on worship, not on your facility’s fire protection or mechanical systems. Our construction teams can also provide design and installation expertise for additions, building modifications, and construction of new facilities.

  • Residential (Commercial)

    We’re experts in residential city, state, and insurance requirements. We offer fire sprinkler installation and service, as well as mechanical system installation and service for commercial residential facilities.

  • Restaurants

    Whether you’re building a new restaurant, retrofitting an existing environment, or in need of a service provider to ensure your systems are operating efficiently and according to code, Ahern has a long history of assisting restaurant owners in achieving their goals.

    restaurant fire suppression systems
  • Retail

    From inspection and service of your existing mechanical and fire protection systems to retrofitting and installing systems in new retail outlets, Ahern has the resources and knowledge needed to complete your work in accordance to your schedule and budget.

  • Transportation

    Aircraft hangars, transportation support buildings, terminals, and more present unique challenges to fire protection, HVAC, and process systems that Ahern is accustomed to overcoming. Our construction and service teams will work with you to ensure your systems are both efficient and cost effective, and offer code-compliant protection to potential hazards.

  • Warehousing/Distribution

    Your warehouse and distribution space may require specialized fire protection and mechanical equipment. Ahern’s team is knowledgeable of building code and insurance regulations to ensure your systems are installed and serviced properly, while meeting your operational needs.

  • Water/Wastewater

    In the past 10 years, we’ve completed over 1,000 water and wastewater projects, ranging from $100 to more than $25 million. We’re also experts at keeping your existing plant fully operational and running efficiently.