Beaver Dam Wastewater Treatment Plant


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Wastewater Treatment Plant HVAC, Plumbing and Pipe Fabrication Services Yield Environmental Praise

Upgrades to the Beaver Dam Wastewater Treatment Plant enable bioenergy generation that provide enough energy to power the plant and sell 800 kW of energy to the local utility provider. Ahern’s wastewater and alternative fuel expertise guided the installation of an anaerobic biological treatment system, methane recovery system, digesters, pretreatment systems, pumps, and associated piping. Biogas is generated through treatment of high-strength cream cheese production waste from a nearby partner business. This project has been honored with an Environmental Protection Agency PISCES Award, and a Daily Reporter Top Project Award.

Expertise Provided

Values Delivered


  • Ahern’s industry knowledge allowed for project timing to coincide with a crucial government funding program that was nearing its expiration date

Issue Resolution

  • Close coordination was needed to ensure efficiency and accuracy with installation of European-designed components

Schedule Assurance

  • All work was completed on time

Budget Certainty

  • The project was completed within the original budget