Bloomingdale Water Reclamation Facility


Pipe Fabrication Services Water Reclamation Plant IL

Pipe Fabrication Services for Water Reclamation Facility in Bloomingdale, Illinois

Ahern fabricated and delivered piping to the Bloomingdale Water Reclamation facility one week ahead of customer’s deadline. Used as part of the Illinois facility’s plant retrofit, all of Ahern’s piping was problem free and our team’s recommendations led to cost savings.

Expertise Provided

Values Delivered

Schedule Certainty

  • All piping was delivered one week ahead of schedule

Budget Adherence

  • This project was completed within 1.1% of its original estimate


  • Of the 38 fabricated spools, there were no reported quality issues
On the Bloomingdale, IL WRF Phase 2A Expansion, Ahern was contracted by our firm to provide the fabricated stainless steel air piping from five new high speed turbo compressors to their existing digester structure. We were faced with some fairly serious space constraints and the schedule was very demanding. Working with Ahern, we were able to develop a value-engineered product that not only met the design intentions, but provided an economical solution for our customer.

Kris Komorn

Project Manager

Dahme Mechanical Industries, Inc.