Dolet Hills Power Station


fire protection for power plants Louisiana

Approximately 40 shop workers, 2,400 feet of pipe, and six load shipments later, this pipe fabrication project for a power generation plant in Mansfield, Louisiana was completed on time. Ahern fabricated 2” to 24” carbon steel pipe, 248 spools, and welded 181,000 pounds of pipe and pipe supports. This project also presented Ahern’s Pipe Fabrication Division the opportunity to provide stress analysis calculations for the first time. Scheduling weekly production meetings internally and providing the customer with bi-weekly, project progression was consistently communicated, and played a huge part in meeting the deadline. Overall, the customer was very satisfied with Ahern’s performance and deliveries.

Expertise Provided

  • Pipe Fabrication

Values Delivered


  • Pipe fabrication crew averaged 15 years of experience


  • No warranty rework

Meeting Deadlines

  • 100% on-time completion

Budget Certainty

  • All work was completed within 1.7% of our original budget


  • No OSHA recordables or lost-time injuries