Hy-Vee West Des Moines



It was a seamless project for Hy-Vee West Des Moines in the 70,000 square-foot remodel of the grocery store. Having experience working with Hy-Vee previously, Ahern’s familiarity with retail facilities resulted in finishing the project two months ahead of schedule. Ahern prefabricated 608 sprinkler heads for the project, which also helped speed up the process and ultimately made for a successful completion.

Expertise Provided

Values Delivered


  •  100% of Ahern’s office staff held industry certifications


  •  Ahern’s design was approved on the first submission and no warranty rework was required

Meeting Deadlines

  •  Project was completed two months ahead of schedule
  • 100% on-time shipment delivery


  • No OSHA recordables or lost-time injuries