New Cassel Retirement Center



Ahern finished its work on time and within budget when working on the New Cassel Retirement Center. This 21,750 square foot retirement home is located in Omaha, NE. Ahern's job was to replace existing branch piping and dry pendant sprinkler heads in the existing attic. In addition, the field crew who averaged 12 years of industry experience needed to re-work existing piping that was not installed properly by another contractor. Workin in an existing attic in a care home that is currently in use has several challenges - tenants, protecting existing finishes, working with the maintenance personnel, etc. Ahern was able to work through these challenges and complete the job safely.

Expertise Provided

Values Delivered


  • No warranty rework needed

Issue Resolution

  • Ahern's team found a way to work in existing conditions by communicating daily about work locations and access needs

Budget Certainty

  • Final project cost was lower than the original estimate by 1.2%


  • Zero lost-time injuries
  • No OSHA recordables