Nine Springs Wastewater Treatment Plant



The Nine Springs Wastewater Treatment Plant was a large addition and retrofit project for Ahernthat showcased the capacity of providing multiple trades. General waste water, rigging, welding, and safety knowledge was  beneficial to the efficiency and construction to the facility. Ahern set and piped approximately 90 pieces of equipment and prefabricated 24,860 pounds of duct, 372 pipe spools, and 10 sprinkler heads, all while meeting or exceeding project schedules or deadlines. In the early phase of the job, Ahern was able to complete multiple tie-ins that led to quicker transitions. This effort gave the owner confidence in Ahern’s abilities and aided in the project’s early completion.

Expertise Provided

Values Delivered


  • The office team involved held an average of 9 years of experience
  • The field crew involved held an average of 12 years of experience

Issue Resolution

  • The team completed work to the best of their ability without the owner’s programming so that when the owner’s programming was complete everything was in working order

Meeting Deadlines

  • Project was completed three months ahead of schedule