Radisson Blu Hotel


Fire Protection for Hotels Minnesota

The Radisson Blu Hotel, connected to The Mall of America, is located in a heavily congested area and condensed construction space. Ahern’s 3D design capabilities and knowledgeable staff were essential in completing this complex project. The 500,000+ square foot hotel required 13 wet sprinkler systems, six dry systems, standpipe systems, a fire pump, and more than 3,000 sprinkler heads. Ahern’s past successes with the project’s mechanical contractor enabled the Company to become a trusted advisor during this project.

Services Provided

Values Delivered

Schedule Assurance

  • Schedule completed four months ahead of the client’s deadline


  • Of the project’s nine team members, 100% of them held industry certifications
  • Team members averaged 10 years of experience.


  • All fire protection designs were approved by regulatory authorities the first time.