Tractor Supply



Completing its work both on time and on budget is common for Ahern. Our 2016 project costs were within 2.3% of our original estimates – a number that could only be achieved through effective planning and solid execution by a team of industry experts. Our Omaha office recently demonstrated their fire protection knowledge and capability with the installation of 1,650 in-rack fire sprinklers at a Tractor Supply located in Waverly, Nebraska. Led by Project Manager LaMonte Brummet, Ahern’s team was able to complete its work on budget and on time.

The 19,768 square foot area would be used for storage of flammable liquids in racks. Working around the product that was currently stored there presented a bit of a challenge. Nevertheless, Ahern was up to the task and worked with facility employees to create a safe working environment. By working with the employees of Tractor Supply, Ahern’s project team was able to coordinate an installation schedule, re-locate stored materials, and workaround forklift traffic. The customer was really impressed by how quickly the install crew completed the work. By the end of the project, Ahern was able to provide Tractor Supply with a system that met the requirements set forth by the owner’s insurance carrier.

Expertise Provided

Values Delivered


  • Ahern's field crew averaged 6 years of industry experience
  • Ahern's office staff averaged 14 years of industry experience


Ahern's design was approved on the first submission

  • No warranty rework needed

Budget Certainty

  • All work was completed within the original estimate


  • Zero lost-time injuries
  • No OSHA recordables