UW Medical Sciences Building Laboratory



On February 28, 2013, a fire destroyed 4,500 square-feet of the medical science laboratory at UW-Madison in Wisconsin. Ahern was given the opportunity to bring new life to the damaged space by providing 700 feet of acid waste pipe, 800 feet of natural gas pipe, 800 feet of domestic water pipe, 500 feet of lab vacuum pipe, and 300 feet of reverse osmosis piping. Because of Ahern’s knowledge of laboratory piping systems and materials, the project was complete in a mere three months and in time for students  the start of a new semester. Ahern provided the alternate routing and consolidation of interior piping systems to create space and reduce cost. The new laboratory space consisted of five island gas turrets, two fume hoots, two office spaces, and two labs and was ready .  

Expertise Provided

Values Delivered


  • All field crew members involved hold industry certifications or licenses
  • The field crew members involved hold an average of 20 years of experience
  • 75% of the office staff involved hold industry certifications


  • No warranty rework necessary

Issue Resolution

  • Ahern’s team was able to provide alternate routing of the inferior piping systems to create space and reduce cost

Meeting Deadlines

  • 100% on-time completion

Budget Certainty

  • All work was completed under the estimated budget


  • No OSHA recordables or lost-time injuries