CAD Designer
Nate - CAD Designer

Nate interned with Ahern as a fire protection designer. The internship made him comfortable joining the team full-time after graduation.

While he had no experience in this area, his team was able to instruct and guide him, and that made it easy for him to decide on Ahern. He could tell immediately that Ahern had a good work environment.

Nate’s experience as a recent grad has been filled with learning. Every day there is a learning opportunity – and in Nate’s words, “Not a lot of recent grads that I know are still learning on a daily basis a year into their first position. But it’s something that keeps me involved and interested in what I am doing, which is another reason I was excited to work at Ahern.”

Not a day goes by where Nate doesn’t have a question and he has a full office of co-workers that he is able to turn to and lean on in order to get support for any needs that he has. The camaraderie and support across the entire company is something Nate has found to be a special trait of Ahern. The culture is something Nate looks forward to being involved with every day as his career moves forward with Ahern.

As his career progresses, Nate knows that there are unlimited possibilities – the choice remains his. The opportunities are always there.