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Visit Ahern at an Upcoming Career Fair – Fall 2023

Ahern will be visiting many different career fair events this fall, and we want to meet you! See a full list of the events Ahern will be attending.
plumbing preventative maintenance

Why Every Maintenance Manager Should Consider a Preventive Maintenance Program

A preventive maintenance program helps reduce the risk of critical building system failure. Learn about the economical benefits and how Ahern can help.
Fire Sprinkler Head

Fire Protection System Building Owner Impairment Responsibilities

Did you know NFPA 25 includes specific building owner responsibilities when a fire protection system impairment surpasses a specific point? NFPA defines a fire protection system ‘Impairment’ as: “A condition where a fire protection system or unit or portion thereof is out of order,

PFOA, PFOS, and PFAS – What Are They and Why Do They Need to Go?

What is PFAS? Perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances, more commonly known as PFAS, have become a hot topic in nearly every industry in the past several years. These chemicals have faced scrutiny for potential long-term health and environmental impact, leading to new legislation...

Forward Flow Testing

What is a backflow preventer, and why do we need it? Backflow preventers are required to protect the non-potable fire sprinkler system water from backing up into the public water supply.
pipe fabrication

Pipe Fabrication Solutions for Utility & Manufacturing Industries

At Ahern, we have decades of experience providing pipe fabrication services to keep your project flowing at optimal efficiency. Learn more.
industrial hvac installation

Improve Your Industrial Installation Efficiency

Ahern’s multi-trade and prefabrication services can help you improve your industrial installation efficiency and minimize downtime. Learn how we can help.
Fire Protection

Hydraulic Placard Inspections

Under 2011 NFPA 25, there are many requirements for the inspection and testing of a building’s fire sprinkler system and its many working components, including parts of the system that will never do anything if a fire occurs!
Fp service technician

Standpipe Systems - Testing per NFPA 25

Standpipe systems consist of piping and hose connections installed throughout a building to provide reliable water for the manual suppression of a fire by either the fire department or trained personnel. Minimum requirements for standpipe inspections and testing are found in chapter 6...

Emergency Lighting Inspection, Testing, and Service

Did you know that you are required by law to regularly test your exit & emergency lighting systems? Do not take a chance with such serious matters: avoid serious liabilities and fines by having Ahern maintain and test the required exit and emergency lighting systems in your building...
HVAC system

Polar Vortex and Heating Systems

Building owners and occupants often ask two questions during, and immediately following polar vortex weather events: Why can't my heating equipment keep my building up to temperature when it is extremely cold outside? Can we install bigger equipment to make things work better when it...

How Lean Construction Practices Maximize Efficiency

Lean construction practices have been gaining popularity in the building industry. Learn about the benefits & how Ahern’s multi-trade prefabrication services can help.
Ahern technician servicing a boiler

Schedule Your Annual Boiler Inspection

Once again winter is quickly approaching. Do you know the importance of boiler inspections? As you may already know, if you have not routinely (annually) performed boiler maintenance, boiler breakdowns can cost thousands of dollars in equipment repairs, as well as hundreds of...

Fire Protection Equipment & Systems to Improve Safety of Cold Storage, Warehouse & Distribution Facilities

Cold storage, warehouse, & distribution facilities present unique challenges when planning for fire protection equipment and systems. Learn how Ahern can help.

Career Fair Events- Fall 2022

You may have already seen the job fair advertisements on social media, in your local newspaper, or even heard them on the radio. Our Ahern employees will be at many different career fairs throughout this fall, and it is imperative that we get the word out as much as possible! Our...

Options Besides a FM-200 System

Clean agent fire suppression systems are commonly used in areas with heavy use of electronics, such as data centers, power plants, IT centers, record keeping, and office buildings. The main advantages of these systems are their ability to react quickly and extinguish fires before they...
HVAC Seating Systems

The Importance of Combustion Analysis

Our team of HVAC technicians encourages equipment maintenance practices, such as combustion analysis for HVAC. These equipment maintenance practices verify equipment operating specifications are met for safe and efficient operations.

The Transition from Traditional Hard Hats to Safety Helmets

Traditionally, construction workers wear hard hats, a symbol of safety. As one of the oldest and most widely used pieces of personal protective equipment on the job, the traditional hard hat is the first line of defense when preventing...