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A Closer Look at Special Hazards

Thursday, April 11, 2013
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What is special hazards fire protection?

Special hazards fire protection is a term that refers to the use of alternative fire suppression to protect areas or critical equipment where standard, water-based sprinkler systems are not the desired approach. Ahern is well versed at provide unique fire protection solutions when traditional systems are not possible. This allows owners to move ahead with their projects that otherwise would not receive approval by regulatory authorities.

What is Ahern’s special hazards advantage?

Ahern’s special hazards fire protection group includes a team of industry experts in each of our office locations, as well as those committed to our national clients. Through ongoing system training, our teams are well versed in system designs and code requirements to provide you with guidance on system requirements for unique hazards. In addition to a knowledgeable team, we hold partnerships with over 25 different alternative suppression system manufacturers – providing you with many system options and service capabilities.

What are some common areas utilizing special hazards protection?

Special hazards fire protection can be used in nearly any environment; however, they are most common in the following areas:

  • Computer rooms/data centers
  • Flammable liquids operations
  • Combustible dust operations
  • Museums or historical archive
  • Commercial/industrial food processing
  • Refrigerated warehouses
  • Industrial processing/manufacturing

How can I contact an Ahern special hazard representative?

Call 800.532.4376 or email for additional information on special hazards fire protection.

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