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Is a Static Regain System Right for You?

Tuesday, March 03, 2015
Static Regain System

Written by an Engineer at Ahern

A static regain system is a design change that switches from the typical rectangular supply main to multiple spiral duct branches. Each branch has uniform static pressures and requires little to no balancing. There are many advantages of using this type of system and making the switch to all spiral ducts.

First of all, spiral duct is much more energy efficient than rectangular duct for a few reasons. One of the main reasons is spiral duct will leak less than rectangular duct. With a strong spiral seam and fewer field connections, the spiral duct will result in reduced fan energy usage, while not making up for all the lost ventilation a leaking rectangular duct would have created. Another energy savings comes from reduced heat gain. Due to a reduced surface area on a spiral duct energy costs can also be greatly reduced verses rectangular.

There are a few additional benefits to a static regain system that might meet your HVAC needs.

  • A static regain system can be more economical with savings on material and labor costs.
  • For a tight ceiling space this system can save you from a coordination headache by taking up less space.
  • If your project is more noise conscious, a static regain system has acoustical benefits compared to rectangular without use of silencers or balancing dampers.

Contact Ahern today to see if a static regain system is an option for your building system.

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