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Fire Suppression and the “Internet of Things”

Wednesday, February 25, 2015
Colohub Server Room

Where is the most important data space in your manufacturing facility? Most likely, it isn’t the front office anymore.

Today, as the world of manufacturing has transitioned to a process environment where a reduced labor force can operate the facility, almost every piece of process and production equipment is interconnected via either a wired or wireless network link. And where do all of these links end up in a typical, modern manufacturing facility? Most are landed in a space such as the CCR (Control Computer Room) or MCC (Motor Control Center).

With this increased importance placed on automation, the risk of a fire-related outage in one of these sophisticated technical spaces far exceeds the risks associated with a typical “front office” computer space. As cloud-based services are taking over in the front-office environment, uptime risks have in many cases been moved away from the facility and into the cloud. The brains of your production are probably not so fortunate.

Typical solutions come in the form of specialized detection systems, which enable your staff to see a fire risk before an event can cause significant damage.

Think you might be at risk? Ahern helps clients reduce their risk by evaluating the detection and suppression they currently have for the critical production control environments. Contact us and we can arrange a time to walk the spaces and discuss ideas and options.

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