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Plumbing Preventive Maintenance: Out of Sight, Out of Mind?

Wednesday, February 25, 2015
preventative maintenance for plumbing

Commercial building plumbing systems are often installed and promptly forgotten about -- until they start leaking or fail. Preventive maintenance of these systems can be cost-effective, as it can reduce the risk of water damage or system downtime. Ideally, a commercial plumbing system should be properly inspected on at least an annual basis.

A comprehensive plumbing system inspection should include:

  • Backflow preventers- checking that they are current with state code and testing requirements
  • Water heaters- tested for proper operation
    • Electrical element operation
    • Descaling of equipment as necessary
    • Testing for proper combustion of gas-fired heaters
    • For high efficiency gas fired water heaters, assure the blower motor is functioning properly
    • For high efficiency gas fired water heaters, inspect the condensate drain for proper flow to floor drain
  • Roof conductors- cleaning debris away from inlets that collect during the year to ensure proper drainage
  • Flush valves for toilets and urinals- ensure there are no leaks and  that the proper volume of water is being used
  • Faucets and shower valves- ensure they are working properly and discharging proper flow and temperature
  • Lift pump stations and sump-pumps- testing for proper operation and float control
  • Hydro flushing of main drains and laterals.

Ahern has developed a comprehensive plumbing audit that will provide custom tasking on an array of plumbing equipment and piping. The inspection includes any minor adjustments, as well as a comprehensive breakdown of any other deficiencies found. We will review our findings with you and discussion possible resolutions. This audit can be combined with our other mechanical and fire protection services, or performed as a standalone service for a reasonable price.

If you are currently not using Ahern for your plumbing service provider and you are interested in having your plumbing system audited for proper operations, please contact us! A local sales representative will be happy to discuss our plumbing service as well as other offerings we provide.

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