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Drain Jetters Send Clogs Flying

Monday, June 01, 2015
Jetters for clogged sewer pipes

Clogged sewer pipes and backed-up drains will certainly cause a mess, but can also result in property damage, and are potentially dangerous to a facility’s employees and customers. Fortunately, there are powerful machines available called “jetters” that enable plumbing contractors to quickly and easily break through even the toughest clogs.

Industrial-strength jetters are self-contained units, usually consisting of a large water tank, diesel engine, and long hose. The machine heats the water and sprays it in a powerful stream, much like a pressure washer. With approximately 2500 PSI, the hot water bores through the clog without the use of harsh chemicals or damaging mechanical equipment. Jetters also work well on ice-related clogs, because of the combination of pressure and heat.

An industrial-strength hot water sewer and drain jetter could be the best solution to your drainage problems! Ahern has the jetting equipment and expert plumbing staff ready to power through the toughest clog. Contact us today!

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