Planned Maintenance Q&A

JF Ahern Employee

Q: How does performing regular, proactive planned maintenance affect an HVAC system’s operation?

 A: Planned maintenance will reduce a system’s energy consumption and extend its useful life. Well maintained equipment also improves indoor air quality and reduces tenant/employee comfort complaints. When you are proactive with your system, you’ll benefit from reduced operating costs; higher long-term system value; and reduced downtime.

All HVAC equipment requires periodic cleaning and proactive maintenance inspections.  Many building owners perform breakdown repairs only.  This can result in increased operating costs, inefficiency, and premature failure of components or entire system failure.  Reliability of the equipment becomes questionable.

Q: Why should ongoing mechanical service be important to building owners?

A: Perhaps the most visible benefit is long-term cost savings. Proactive planned maintenance has been proven to be more cost-effective than “reactive” maintenance.  Reactive maintenance can actually cause damage to the system, and end up costing more for repairs – or worse, entire system replacement. Building owners can also eliminate deferred maintenance and control costs, and greatly reduce the “surprise” expense for repairs. Planned maintenance offers building owners a known annual cost and the peace of mind that comes with expert help.

Q: Why is a full-service contractor the best choice to perform planned maintenance?

A: When working with a full-service mechanical contractor, you gain access to a broad range of facility services well beyond planned maintenance.  A technician might perform routine HVAC maintenance in your facility for years before you need a system replaced. When that time comes, a full-service contractor has the capability to retrofit your building with an entirely new system with the benefit of already being familiar with the facility. The same holds true if your building needs service, upgrades, or replacement of the fire protection or plumbing systems.

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