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Private Fire Hydrant Inspections

Wednesday, August 26, 2015
Ahern Shop

What is a private fire hydrant?

A hydrant that is located on private property.

Who would have a private fire hydrant?

If your property is more than 400’ from the pubic fire hydrant (has to be measured by an approved fire code official).  If the hydrant is on your private property, it is your responsibility to inspect, test, and maintain the hydrant.

Did you know that per NFPA 25 you are required to inspect your private fire hydrants annually?

What does an annual fire hydrant inspection consist of?

  • Opened fully and water flowed until all foreign material has cleared
  • Flow shall be maintained for not less than 1 minute
  • Full drainage shall take no longer than 60 minutes
  • They shall be lubricated annually to ensure that all stems, caps, plugs, and threads are in proper operating condition
  • They shall be kept free of snow, ice and other materials to protect against damage at all times
  • Every 5 years the underground main piping shall be flow tested

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