Avoid These 3 Mistakes by Using Fire Protection Preconstruction

Ahern Employees

Don’t see the value of fire protection preconstruction services during the design phase of your project? The impact might not be visible early on, but as the project advances you’ll see that you’ve avoided potential pitfalls by engaging a fire protection advisor at the outset. We routinely see three issues during the construction process that could be avoided through the use of preconstruction:

#1: Failure to recognize fire hazards. Having an expert assess the building plans early on, analyzing things like occupancy and intended use, will help you avoid insurance holdups and regulatory snags. Preconstruction also makes all the stakeholders aware of potential issues, so there are fewer surprises or claims of miscommunication.  

#2: Inadequate water supply. Don’t just assume that the site’s water supply will be adequate for your facility’s fire protection system. Even a municipal supply might not give you the pressure you need. And if there is no supply… what are your options? Preconstruction assessment and validation can provide the answers to these vital questions.

#3: No plans for a fire pump. So you’ve taken the time to avoid #1 and #2… don’t fall down by failing to assess the need for a fire pump. This equipment is often a necessity to provide adequate water flow and pressure, and neglecting to include it in the initial designs can be costly. A fire protection preconstruction professional can help you determine the most effective type of pump based on your facility’s specific needs.

Preconstruction services can help you avoid not just these 3 hurdles, but can also help with budget development, cost analysis, conceptual design, and more. Taking this step early on will certainly pay off during the construction process! To learn more, contact Ahern today!