What to Expect from a Fire Department Inspection

fire inspector graphic

Most businesses are subject to regular fire department inspections. Every building has its own special characteristics; therefore, every fire inspection is different. However, there are some common items that fire department officials will inspect in every facility:

  • Means of Egress
  • Alarm system operation, inspection, and maintenance
  • Fire Extinguisher placement, inspection, and maintenance
  • Emergency lighting and exit light operation, inspection, and maintenance
  • Sprinkler fire protection system installation, inspection, and maintenance

All of the above listed items are critical components to a solid fire safety plan. It is critical that any and all fire protection systems be installed and maintained correctly. These items are not often acknowledged by most business owners during the course of a normal day. This is where the fire department comes in. Their job is to remind us of the importance of a properly maintained safety system, and to point out potential hazards.

Inspection and testing service agreements with qualified fire protection system and equipment service providers are recommended to maintain an effective safety plan. Qualified service providers should perform all inspections and testing in accordance with applicable state and local codes and standards.

Ahern performs a full range of fire protection system inspections. To learn more or to schedule your facility’s inspections, contact us today.