The 5-Year Internal Sprinkler Inspection Explained

Sprinkler Head Instillation

NFPA 25 requires a 5 year internal sprinkler inspection to examine the interior of your sprinkler system’s piping. This is to be conducted to inspect for the “presence of foreign organic and inorganic material.” Foreign materials can cause obstructions to pipes and sprinklers. This article will explain the requirements and how our team of experts can help you ensure NFPA 25 compliance.

The 5 Year Internal Sprinkler Inspection Requirements

There are three levels of internal pipe inspections, according to NFPA 25:

1. Internal Pipe Inspection – this requires the opening of a flushing connection at the end of one main and removal of one sprinkler head near the end of a branch line. These openings are to be inspected for the “presence of foreign organic and inorganic material.”

2. Internal Pipe Examination for ‘At-Risk’ Systems – NFPA 25 lists conditions in which this type of internal pipe exam is to be performed. This inspection requires internal pipe examinations at the following four points of a fire sprinkler system:

  • System valve
  • Riser
  • Cross main
  • Branch line

3. Obstruction Investigation – This is to be performed if “foreign organic or inorganic material” is found during an internal pipe inspection. NFPA 25 provides the requirements to conduct obstruction investigations.

The Importance of a 5 Year Fire Sprinkler Inspection

Fire protection systems safeguard more than your building, which is why having a routine fire sprinkler inspection is critical to ensure your systems function as designed in the case of an emergency. A properly working system is dependent on the service and inspection team providing that maintenance. If your fire sprinkler systems are not receiving the proper care, there is a high chance they may not function properly, if at all. Therefore, having a 5 year internal sprinkler inspection is important.

At Ahern, our expert service team is trained to identify and inform you of potential hazards and code compliance issues that may adversely impact the functionality of your sprinkler systems. Whether or not we performed the original installation, we can provide fire sprinkler inspection and maintenance services to keep your systems fully operational. Our state of the art fire protection fabrication shop can prefabricate piping and components for your fire sprinkler system if the need arises. 

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Reduce Your Project Risk With Ahern’s Extensive Experience

Very few fire protection contractors have our level of expertise in understanding the intricacies of fire sprinkler systems. Before conducting any inspections, our sprinkler inspectors complete a rigorous training regimen, including a minimum of 720 hours of coursework and 9,500 hours of on-the-job training. This extensive preparation guarantees they carry the necessary code and system expertise to maintain the optimal functionality of your commercial fire sprinklers.  

Utilizing our extensive experience in fire protection, we specialize in designing, installing, and maintaining a wide range of industrial and commercial sprinkler systems. From complex deluge systems in high-risk zones to state-of-the-art preaction systems for minimizing water damage as well as the most common wet pipe systems, you can rely on Ahern to do the job right the first time. 

Our multi-trade service offerings and prefabrication capabilities for HVAC, Plumbing, and more provide one integrated solution and a single point of contact throughout your entire service and construction project. 

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