The 5-Year Internal Sprinkler Pipe Inspection Explained

Sprinkler Head Instillation

NFPA 25 requires an internal inspection of fire sprinkler system piping every five years. This is to be conducted to inspect for the “presence of foreign organic and inorganic material.” Foreign materials can cause obstructions to pipe and sprinklers.

There are three levels of internal pipe inspections, according to NFPA 25:

1. Internal Pipe Inspection – this requires the opening of a flushing connection at the end of one main and removal of one sprinkler head near the end of a branch line. These openings are to be inspected for the “presence of foreign organic and inorganic material.”

2. Internal Pipe Examination for ‘At-Risk’ Systems – NFPA 25 lists conditions in which this type of internal pipe exam is to be performed. This inspection requires internal pipe examinations at the following four points of a fire sprinkler system:

  • System valve
  • Riser
  • Cross main
  • Branch line

3. Obstruction Investigation – This is to be performed if “foreign organic or inorganic material” is found during an internal pipe inspection. NFPA 25 provides the requirements to conduct obstruction investigations.

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