BIM Basics

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BIM is a broad term that stands for “Building Information Modeling”.

BIM is used to help depict sequences of activities during a project, clarify spaces, and identify design conflicts between structural and mechanical trades.

Why would you want to use BIM on a project?

  • Improved Visualization
  • Improved Productivity Due to Easy of Retrieval of Information
  • Increased Coordination of Construction Documents
  • Increased Speed of Delivery
  • Higher Quality of Work

BIM has many different levels that can be incorporated into a project/model. The project can be as simple as 2D drawing, either on paper or within a CAD program, or it can be a 3D model that has scheduling, cost tracking, equipment sheets, and maintenance schedules that are embedded directly into the model.

BIM is a useful tool in the construction world. However, like anything, how it is used on a project can have a big impact on the end results. When BIM is utilized on a project it is a team event in which each trade needs to be involved and sign off on the results. It takes the total cooperation of the project design teams to get the full benefits of BIM; otherwise the goal may not be reached.