The Future of Building Humidity: Pressurized Adiabatic Humidification

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Do you want to humidify your building without the use of boilers, electric heating elements or canisters that need cleaning and replacement? Then adiabatic humidification might be for you.  The word Adiabatic came from the Greek word adiábat, and now means without heat.  Instead of using heat to boil water, adiabatic humidification systems use high-pressure pumps to pressurize treated supply water to very high pressures, usually between 1000 and 2000 psi. This water is then delivered to nozzles that then atomize the water into tiny fog droplets.  These tiny droplets can be directly injected into a low velocity, 500fpm, ducted air stream or they can be directly injected into the space being conditioned.

Benefits of Adiabatic Humidification:

  • Reduced Cooling Load:  Since the fog is created without boiling water, no cooling is required to bring the fog back to room temperature.
  • Energy Savings:  Adiabatic humidification systems require less energy to humidify a space than traditional humidification systems.
  • Reduced Maintenance:  Adiabatic systems that utilize RO water have fewer moving parts than traditional humidification systems and they require less cleaning.
  • Chemical Free Humidification:  Adiabatic systems that utilize RO water do not require chemicals unlike steam boiler systems that require various chemicals.