Seven Steps to Healthy Plumbing Control Valves

Control Valves

Many control valves on plumbing systems go unnoticed until there is a need to stop water flow in all, or a section, of a plumbing system. Don’t wait for an emergency to ensure that your valves are in proper working order! These seven simple steps can save you time and money (and avoid a mess!) in the long run:

  1. Check for leakage around valve stems.
  2. Periodically exercise each valve to its fully closed and open positions.
  3. Check if any valves are difficult to operate, or if they leak when opened or closed.
  4. Verify handles are securely fastened to the valve stems.
  5. Verify all valves have proper operating handles.
  6. Check for corrosion at locations where piping is connected to valves.
  7. Check for proper labeling/signage identifying the service which is being controlled (e.g., potable, non-potable water).

If any of these procedures point to a potential issue, contact Ahern to have a plumbing professional take a closer look.