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Fire Protection System Building Owner Impairment Responsibilities

Thursday, October 27, 2016
Fire Sprinkler Head

Did you know NFPA 25 includes specific building owner responsibilities when a fire protection system is in an impaired condition? NFPA defines an ‘Impairment’ as:

“A condition where a fire protection system or unit or portion thereof is out of order, and the condition can result in the fire protection system or unit not functioning in a fire event.” (3.3.17, NFPA 25, 2011 edition).

NFPA defines two categories of Impairments:

  • Emergency Impairments (due to an unexpected occurrence).
  • Preplanned Impairments (a planned out of service condition in order to perform work on the fire protection system).

Chapter 15 of NFPA 25 provides detailed instructions for building owners to follow in the event of a fire protection system impairment. These instructions include, but are not limited to:

  • Designating an Impairment Coordinator
  • Notifying the fire department, the insurance carrier, the alarm company, and other authorities having jurisdiction
  • Implementing an approved fire watch
  • Implementing a Tag Impairment System
  • Arranging for repairs and restoring system to service

Please refer to NFPA 25 for additional impairment procedure requirements.

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