Fire Protection for Kids

child dressed up as a firefighter

Kids are extremely vulnerable when it comes to fire. Their inquisitive nature puts them at risk of starting a fire and, depending on age, kids may struggle to get out of a property safely should a fire occur. The problem is that no matter how extensively we teach kids to respect fire and not play with matches, lighters, candles and electrical items, their investigative nature often gets the better of them. As a parent you need to be vigilant with home fire protection and ensure your kids benefit from maximum residential fire protection via a number of safety measures.

Tips on Fire Protection for Kids

  1. Make sure your child is aware of the emergency services number.
  2. Keep matches, lighters and lit candles out of reach at all times.
  3. Never leave food cooking unattended in the kitchen.
  4. Make sure your child understands that the smoke alarm signal means a fire has started.
  5. Devise a fire safety plan and practice the exit strategy 3x per year.
  6. If your child is old enough then teach him/her the stop, drop and roll technique for extinguishing clothing which has caught fire.
  7. Teach your child how to crawl low across the floor when a room is filled with smoke.
  8. Teach your child not to play with electrical appliances or plug sockets.
  9. Ensure electrical wiring isn’t left trailing across the floor to avoid appliances being pulled over and potentially starting an electrical fire.

Residential Fire Protection

No matter how hard we try to educate kids on fire safety, there is no amount of planning that can guarantee they will react in the way we want them to when a fire happens. The same applies to adults. Fire causes confusion and panic, people never know exactly how they will react when faced with extreme danger, and unfortunately this is why fire claims so many lives. For this reason, more and more people are installing fire sprinkler systems in their homes to guarantee fire protection for kids. Fire sprinklers provide automatic residential fire protection and will activate between one and three minutes of a fire starting. When you consider that it will on average take the fire service ten minutes to arrive from the time they are called, sprinklers will save you somewhere in the region of 10+ minutes. Where fire is concerned, this is a huge amount of time, enough time to save trapped occupants and prevent injury and loss of life.

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