Our Distech HVAC Controls: Integrated Systems for Smart Buildings

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Ahern is a Distech System Integrator. Distech, based on Niagara framework provides the most "Open", web-based building control system currently available. This allows us to provide a seamless system for HVAC, lighting, cameras, and card access control. Open systems also allow integrating older, legacy systems that may be obsolete or outdated, without having to start completely over.

In March 2015, Distech integrator was purchased by Acuity Brands. Acuity is one of the largest manufacturers of lighting and LED products. With brand names such as Distech, Holophane, Lithonia, and Sunoptics, Acuity's presence in Distech HVAC Controls gives JF Ahern the opportunity to market completely web-based, smart building solutions utilizing the latest technologies and speed in HVAC.

Systems like Distech open unlimited possibilities for building Distech HVAC control and data collection. If you are interested in learning more about Distech or Acuity, contact us today.