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How the Internet of Things Is Transforming the HVAC Industry

Monday, March 27, 2017
Internet Of Things

We are sure you all have heard how the Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming your lives and homes on a daily basis.  Smart appliances that can perform tasks from a Smart Phone, such as heating up or defrosting your dinner, drawing a warm bath before you get home from work, scheduling your robotic vacuum cleaner, the options out there are already endless.  Smart Thermostats on Wi-Fi home networks are very prevalent now and will only continue to be more integrated in the home HVAC system.

Commercial and Industrial HVAC systems and equipment are also incorporating the IoT in numerous new and exciting ways.  For example, 5 years ago, a small standalone, 20,000 sq. ft. office building often could not afford an extensive DDC temperature control system with Energy Management.  Now, with advancements in technology and embedded smart chips, these buildings can have a powerful control system hosted on the web, with minimal first cost.  Communication can be done via cell services and millions of data points can be stored, reviewed, and control functions tweaked to maximize the performance of the system.  Add to that wireless thermostat technology and these systems become more and more affordable for all applications.

Smart technology is being driven into sensors embedded deep in equipment to all service technicians to diagnose problems from their office before even being dispatched to a jobsite.  Property managers can control building functions and respond to tenant requests from applications on their smart devices to provide a high level of service to their tenants.  Predictive failures or maintenance can even be ordered to prevent possible downtime for buildings or their occupants.  The number of applications are only limited to what the human mind can dream up.  

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