HVAC Maintenance is Vital to the Environment and Operation of all Facilities

Two or Four Pipe Fan Coil HVAC Systems

Believe it or not, summer months are right around the corner and it will be cooling season once again. Before the cooling gets started, a cleaning and inspection is very important to increase and sustain your cooling equipment’s efficiency. Coils clogged with airborne debris reduce operational efficiency and increase maintenance and energy costs. Today, equipment manufacturers are building “high efficiency” equipment that promises to increase operational efficiency while lowering energy costs. High-efficiency condenser coils typically take the form of “micro-channel” coils, which are coil configurations that have a greater fin density per square inch. The purpose of increasing the fin density is to increase the surface area for air to flow across in order to help reject the heat faster. This results in shorter fan motor and compressor run time. This is ideal but unfortunately, small tolerances in the coil have more potential to reduce airflow.

In order to keep your equipment running at optimal performance, Ahern offers customized preventative maintenance programs. Not only will these programs offer inspections, they will provide you with electronic documentation to keep clear records of your equipment’s condition. This will keep the equipment more efficient and proves to reduce service repairs. Ahern not only can clean the coils, we can look into options to protect your coils with different type of screens and filters. No matter the efficiency rating, it is critical to protect your equipment in the first place.

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