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AutoCAD Plant 3D

Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Faced with the challenge of an outdated and no longer supported software and after much testing of different modeling software options, Ahern's pipe groups (Piping Design and Pipe Fab Drafting) decided to switch to AutoCAD Plant 3D. The old modeling software company was moving in a direction not in line with what Ahern was using it for.

AutoCAD Plant 3D gets Ahern closer to a 100% Autodesk environment, which eliminates many interoperability issues that would arise. This streamlines the interchange between departments and other disciplines that use Autodesk products. It also eases collaboration with companies/groups outside of Ahern, as AutoCAD Plant 3D works better in a BIM environment (software like NavisWorks).

During the switch between modeling software, the groups were able to salvage previous catalogs of component data and part numbers. They were easily converted to ease setup/install time of the software. AutoCAD Plant 3D is similar enough to the previous software that training employees was relatively easy.

Major benefits over previous software:
  • Better support from software company when issues arise
    • Also has more community input for further/future development
  • Much easier to update data and components on the fly
  • Model revision is easier
  • More intuitive modeling style
    • Less user input to model a line when setup is properly done
  • Project setup is much smoother and easy to manage
    • Fewer corruption issues during project setup
  • Access to better catalogs for equipment, instrumentation, and specialty items in general
    • This means there is less need to build these items from scratch in-house, we can typically take items from online databases and use it or barely modify it for our use
  • Less interoperability issues with other software (in-house)
  • Software file type is compatible with outside stress analysis software
  • Reports/data that is generated is much easier to work with for purchasing material
  • The software company is working to make the software output Revit files in the future (which is critical for general contractors we work with as an end product on projects {as-builts})

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