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National Healthcare Facilities and Engineering Week Recognition

Monday, October 22, 2018
clean white hospital

Nearly all of us has experienced what can be a very traumatic experience; entering a hospital or healthcare facility to be there for a loved one or as a patient our self.  During that time of uncertainty, there is anxiety, worry, potential pain, or if you are lucky, excitement (over the birth of a child for example).  When we enter those facilities our fears and concerns are often eased with the expert care of healthcare professionals, whether they be nurses, doctors, technicians, etc.  They are truly a dedicated community that often goes over and above their job descriptions and duties to care for us in our times of need.

And while these professionals do a wonderful job of caring for us, there is also an unseen group of professionals that are also caring for us with their own unique skills.  These individuals design, maintain, and operate the healthcare facilities that we enter.  They work tirelessly to make sure that all patients have positive outcomes with a clean, comfortable, peaceful environment conducive to promoting the healing process.  These professionals make sure that emergency backup systems are ready to go in case of natural disaster emergencies, that daily operations run smooth and with positive impact on the patients and visitors, and work to eliminate quickly any unforeseen problems that may pop up. 

Let’s take this opportunity to recognize National Healthcare Facilities and Engineering Week and thank these professionals that work tirelessly to provide a proper building environment and experience for our loved ones in their times of need.  Healthcare Engineers, Facility Managers, Maintenance Personnel, Infection Control Specialists and countless other professionals are there, 24/7, behind the scenes to make the building work for what it was intended, to promote the healing and caring process.

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