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Building Safety Equipment: Are Your Critical Systems Ready?

Thursday, June 04, 2020

The reopening of buildings and facilities demands heightened efforts to ensure occupant health and safety against COVID-19. Our products and services can help with building readiness while enhancing the performance of your building safety equipment.


Air Filtration Systems
Let us help decide the highest efficiency filter allowed for the equipment in your facility and the frequency of filter changes.

HVAC Equipment Air Distribution
We can audit and adjust the amount of fresh air distribution being introduced into your facility to make the ASHRAE and CDC guidelines.

Test and verify that HVAC equipment is operating as intended including airflow, temperature, humidity, and filtration.

Coil/Drain Pan Cleaning
Improves equipment efficiency and air filtration quality by reducing the amount of buildup that harbors bacteria and viruses.

UV-C Lighting
Ultraviolet light has a long-proven track record. These lights are installed in an HVAC equipment unit’s air stream to mitigate viruses and bacteria along with improving overall coil/condensate pan cleanliness and efficiency.

Bipolar Ionization
Bi-polar ionization is installed in an HVAC unit’s air stream where it generates both positive and negative ions that are spread via building ductwork to occupied spaces. Airborne particles are charged by these ions causing them to cluster, which improves filter effectiveness and overall air quality.


Flushing and Testing
Flushing and testing of plumbing water lines to give a clean water system upon re-occupancy of your facility.

Sanitary System
Inspect sanitary piping and drain traps to free them of bacterial obstructions and debris.

Installation of ‘Touchless’ plumbing fixtures to protect your facility occupants from potential contamination.


Beyond our fire safety precautions in your public buildings, we can make clear acrylic plastic barriers that are installed in a variety of business environments. These shields form a physical barrier against coughing, sneezing, and other hazards to create a safe transaction environment for employees, customers, and visitors.


Ahern can make custom commercial-grade hands-free door pulls for your facility. These offer sanitary protection and end the use of paper towels to open doors.

It is important to have a trusted service provider to deliver solutions that meet your building’s unique challenges. Schedule an appointment through your Ahern representative, so we may tailor a plan to your individual needs and fire safety precautions in your public buildings.