Owner’s Information Certificate

Every fire protection sprinkler system is unique and is designed to fit the specific occupancy to be protected. When a new sprinkler system is being installed or if there is a change in occupancy or building use, an owner’s information certificate will be asked to be completed.

What is an Owner’s Information Certificate?

An owner’s information certificate is an important document that provides detailed information on a facility where a fire protection sprinkler system is needed. The information in the owner’s information certificate is to be provided by the owner or an authorized owner representative. The information would include:

  • Property information
  • Building Type (non-combustible, wood frame, etc.)
  • Special Occupancy Type (aircraft hangar, power plant, water cooling tower, etc.)
  • Types of materials or chemicals being stored
  • Planned storage height, storage arrangement, commodity classification, type of racks, width or aisles, and design standard

Why is it Needed?

The owner’s information certificate is required per NFPA 13 – Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems and is to be provided to the fire protection sprinkler system contractor prior to the layout and design of the fire protection system. The data will be a guideline for the contractor’s designer to use in understanding the facility conditions so that an appropriate fire protection system can be designed and installed.

This form can also be utilized on projects early in the bid stage. By having this information completed at estimate time, the fire protection sprinkler system contractor would be able to determine if a pump or an increase in underground size is required in order for the system to meet NFPA standards. This will assist the owner/general contractor in ensuring all costs are accounted for upfront and help avoid potential change orders after the project is awarded.

Once the fire protection sprinkler system contractor has received the completed owner’s information certificate, it will be reviewed to determine the correct fire protection system for that specific application per NFPA-13. Providing accurate data in the owner’s information certificate will ensure proper design and protection of the facility.

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