Ensure Safe Water Quality in Plumbing Fixtures

Proactive and Sustained Maintenance

The reopening of buildings and facilities demands heightened efforts to ensure occupant health and safety against COVID-19. Our products and services can assist with building readiness while enhancing the performance of your critical systems. The EPA recommends that building owners and managers take a proactive approach to minimize water stagnation and to maintain building water quality prior to reopening. It is recommended that fountains, bottle fillers, and ice machines be flushed weekly at a minimum. Additionally, if your fixture has a filter and has remained inactive for more than 4 weeks it is strongly recommended to replace the filters prior to opening the fixture up for use.

Ahern provides these services to assist in reopening and maintaining your facility safely:
  • Replace water filters throughout entire plumbing system.
  • Flush cold and hot water systems at all water points of use: faucets, showers, toilets, water fountains, dishwashers, ice makers, etc.
  • Maintain water treatment systems such as water softeners
  • Check temperature of hot water systems in accordance with CDC guidance to prevent Legionella growth.

Ahern also provides a full-range of plumbing services which include 24/7 emergency service, drain cleaning, backflow preventer testing, cross-connection surveys, and more. Click here to view all of Ahern’s Plumbing Services. More details of the EPA’s recommendations can be found in this link. Ahern is your trusted service provider to deliver solutions that meet your building’s unique challenges. Schedule an appointment with your Ahern representative so we may tailor a plan to your individual needs and system requirements.