Four Safety Apps Worth Sharing and Worth Using

Smartphones and tablets are a part of everyday life - both personal and work-related. Safety-focused mobile apps can enhance employee protection by providing instant access to information that could reduce or eliminate a number of hazards we face on the jobsite. Below are a few worth sharing and using.

First Aid App (Red Cross) A user-friendly tool that can help you prepare for and deal with both life-threatening and everyday medical situations (personal and work-related).
Heat Safety Tool App (OSHA) Assess the level of heat risk for yourself and your crew. This app. will give you the "feels like" temperature (taking into consideration the temperature, humidity, and wind) and provides recommended precautions.
Ladder Safety App (NIOSH) Simple to use tool to assist with selection, inspection, and proper use. There is also a built in angle measurement tool to help ensure proper ladder setup.
Decibel Meter App (NIOSH) Simple to use tool to ensure a safe level of noise exposure exists or if hearing protection devices are needed.

Whether for work or personal use, take advantage of these technology tools to be better informed, prepared, and able to respond effectively.

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