Is Your Sump Pump or Sanitary Lift Station Ready for the Spring Thaw?

Ten things to check make sure you’re ready:

1. Make sure your sump pump discharge piping is not frozen if it discharges outside.

2. If your sump pump system has a battery back-up, the battery should be tested annually. The battery back-up pump is only as good as the battery that is powering it.

3. Test the on/off floats to make sure they are unobstructed and working properly.

4. Cycle the pump(s) to make sure they are pumping.

5. Do you have a pump control panel? If so, verify that it alternates properly between both pumps.

6. Do you have a high water alarm? Is it working properly?

7. Is the check valve in good working order?

8. Be sure the bottom of the pit is free of debris.

9. Is the discharge piping supported properly?

10. Is the pit cover in good condition? A cover that is rusting can drop debris into the basin. This debris can be pulled through the pump and damage it. A rusty pit cover can also be a safety issue for someone standing on it.

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