Fire Protection Sprinkler System Training

Your company is ready to move into a new building – the painting is complete, windows are clean, and furniture is in place. What about your fire protection sprinkler system - is it in service and operational? These systems are commonly overlooked. What do you need to know about fire protection sprinkler systems?

Fire protection sprinkler systems require alarms/bells to be installed and wired at the fire protection riser. This can be integrated with an alarm panel which can be installed by Ahern or others. The alarm system will bring awareness to the tenant and fire department if there is water discharge from the fire protection system. Prior to the final testing of the fire protection system, the alarm/bell/panel will need to be installed and wired by a licensed electrical contractor. Planning ahead for this will be essential for your fire protection system to be placed in service.

In new construction projects, after the alarms/initial testing are complete, the fire protection contractor will perform fire protection system training for the owner and building personnel. This is an important part of your new fire protection sprinkler system. The training will be set up by the fire protection contractor through the general contractor or owner. The owner training includes, but is not limited to, the review of:

  • Type of Fire Protection System Installed (Wet, Dry, etc.)
  • Fire Pump: Location, Purpose, Operation, Manual Starting Procedure
  • Purpose and Operation of Flow and/or Pressure Switch
  • Procedure When Flow/Pressure Switch Activates the Alarm
  • Purpose and Operation of Control Valve
  • Drain Map
  • Identify Location of and Explain Purpose of All Low Point Condensate Drains (for Dry Systems)
  • Location and Purpose of: Inspector’s Test Valve, Main Drain, Backflow Preventer

For existing facilities, many employees who have received owner training may no longer work at the location. Training can be provided at any time! Ahern is able to provide services for fire protection system training of new and current employees, even during multiple shifts.

There are instances where the fire protection sprinkler system can be overlooked when building a new facility or moving into an existing building. These systems are a key component of life safety, and sharing information on how to operate/maintain fire protection systems will be valuable for your team. For more information, please contact an Ahern service representative at 800.532.4376.

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