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When it comes to industrial installation for industrial and manufacturing process environments, partnering with a quality industrial services provider is key to minimize down time, reduce costs, and increase efficiency. Incorrect fabrication and installation of welded components such as industrial piping, HVAC ducting, dust collection systems, pressure vessels, tanks, and structures such as steel catwalks can have a detrimental effect on your facility. Poor quality installations increase safety risks, can lead to unplanned maintenance that can put a pause on production, and negatively impact your bottom line.

At Ahern, we have decades of experience providing solutions for industrial and manufacturing process environments. Our full range of in-house product manufacturing capabilities includes modular prefabricated rack, skid and pod systems, and components ranging from tanks and pressure vessels, to staircases, rails, and platforms.  Our multi-trade and prefabrication capabilities keeps your project moving at optimal efficiency, allowing you to get back to your business quicker.


Industrial Installation Efficiency With Prefabrication 

Industrial Equipment Installation Services

Our multi-trade, in-house prefabrication abilities eliminates the buildup of materials onsite to allow more trades to work productively and significantly reduce material handling time. Our Industrial Services Shop offers a wide selection of sheet metal fabrication abilities and has the capacity to accommodate large projects. Our certified welders follow strict testing and inspection instructions, ensuring industry standards are met or exceeded. Our Industrial Services Shop offers a full range of fabrication solutions for:

  • Welded ductwork
  • Structural platforms including steel catwalks, staircases, rails, and mezzanines
  • Replication of existing customer equipment
  • Non-pressurized tanks and vessels
  • Process tanks, reactors, evaporators, storage tanks, mixing tanks, and pressure pots
  • Fuel tanks, water tanks, air receivers, expansion tanks
  • Flash tanks, scrubbers, condensate tanks, two and three-phase separators
  • ASME pressure vessel fabrication
  • Double-wall, distillation columns, jacketed tanks
  • Buffer tanks, knock out drums, flare drums
  • Pump skids
  • And more!

We have multiple locations for your fabrication needs. Contact us to learn more or to find a location near you.

Industrial Equipment Installation Services

Our industrial equipment installation services cover a variety of products and systems for industrial and manufacturing process environments. Some examples of what we can install include:

  • Air piping
  • Industrial/production gas piping
  • Process piping
  • Structural fabrication of mezzanines, catwalks and equipment stands
  • Heat reclaim
  • Foundry dust collection systems
  • Process production cooling towers
  • Food conveying and packaging machinery
  • Paint booth installation and ventilation
  • Sand transport for the foundry industry
  • Process chillers in a manufacturing/production environment
  • Overhead conveyor system

We can install owner-provided robotic machinery and assembly lines with adjoining piping, fixtures, structural housing and exhaust requirements. We also provide pipe repair and replacement services.

Industrial Pipe Fabrication Solutions 

Industrial Pipe Fabrication

If you need quality fabricated piping delivered to your site on time and to spec, our Pipe Fabrication Shop has the answer. We have a proven track record of success fabricating pipe spools, industrial piping, and mechanical components for a variety of industrial and manufacturing environments including chemical processing, mining, agriculture, power generation plants, water and wastewater treatment plants, oil, gas and pipeline facilities, food and beverage and marine industries.

Industrial HVAC Installation 

Industrial HVAC Installation

We understand your HVAC systems need to be energy efficient to keep your utility costs as low as possible. Our industrial HVAC installation services match your HVAC systems to your building needs. Our energy professionals will help you optimize efficiency without sacrificing your comfort. We employ 5 LEED accredited professionals, 2 Certified Commissioning Process Providers (QCxPs), and 4 NEBB TABB Certified Professionals as resources to meet your efficiency goals. Using our Sheet Metal Fabrication shop, we can prefabricate ductwork and ship materials to your site as needed to increase accuracy and project efficiency on your industrial HVAC installation project.

To achieve a productive work environment, providing a comfortable work space is important. A well-maintained heating and air conditioning system is essential to your employees and customer’s comfort, and to keep your HVAC system running smoothly and efficiently, servicing it is key.  We offer mechanical preventive maintenance agreements (PMAs) to help you reduce costly emergency repairs or replacements. As one of the most trusted commercial HVAC service companies in the Midwest, not only will you receive prompt service, you won’t have to worry about our teams’ knowledge and corrective service capabilities. Whether you need basic maintenance to your HVAC system, or a full heating and air conditioning repair, our experienced service team can help. 

Industrial Installation & Services Throughout the Midwest

Do you need to install new equipment or systems or are you planning to expand your facility? Ahern’s expertise, prefabrication, and multi-trade capabilities can help keep your facility running at peak efficiency by minimizing downtime. Best of all, we can provide multiple service offerings into one integrated solution from start to finish, giving you a single point of contact throughout your entire project. You can count on our experts for customized solutions to meet your unique needs, project schedule and budget.

Contact our experts today to discuss how we can help you on your next project!



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