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Transferring natural gas, oil, water, and wastewater would not be possible without the piping systems that safely transport and process these materials. Quality pipe fabrication is an integral component of the utility infrastructures our communities rely on for power, water, and wastewater treatment. For construction projects that involve a network of piping, precise fabrication and installation of pipes is paramount. Partnering with an experienced custom pipe and fabrication provider can make all the difference to ensure your design, quality, scheduling and budget expectations are met or exceeded. 

At Ahern, we have decades of experience providing piping solutions for manufacturing and utility industries. Our expertise and capabilities will keep your project flowing at optimal efficiency, allowing you to get back to your business quicker. To learn how we can help you, contact us today.

If you are a professional in the power generation, pipeline, oil/gas, utility, water/wastewater, or manufacturing industry, this article will help you understand the top factors that lead to the most successful projects.

Pipe Fabrication 

One area you should not cut costs on is the fabrication of your pipes. Underspending can lead to increased costs for tweaks and routine maintenance. Incorrect fabrication of welded components not only increase safety risks, but can lead to unplanned maintenance that will put a pause on production and negatively impact your bottom line.  

custom pipe and fabrication

At Ahern, fabrication is our specialty. Our in-house pipe fabrication shop allows us to construct piping in an offsite temperature-controlled environment, improving efficiency and safety on the jobsite. With a combined square footage of 397,000 sq. ft. with over 36 acres of laydown yard across our Fond du Lac and Appleton, WI facilities, we can handle your large piping project. 

All of our pipe spools must pass the stringent quality control audits of our highly trained and experienced QC professionals before being shipped to the job site. We have shipped more than 87,000 pipe spools since 2011, and 96% of our shipments arrived per the client's installation schedule. Check out our eBook to learn the key factors to keep in mind when Selecting A High Performing Pipe Fabricator.

Custom Pipe Fabrication Provider’s Capabilities 

When deciding what piping provider to partner with, it is important to evaluate if they are capable of your project’s requirements. Some questions to consider include:

  • Does their facility have the capacity to weld, process, store and ship your piping?
  • Do they work with the metals your project calls for such as carbon, stainless, and chrome alloys?
  • Can they weld large-diameter pipe sizes?
  • Do they have the tool and equipment availability needed?
  • Can they blast, paint, and finish your pipes without subcontracting the work?
Large pipe fabrication

Project Planning

Streamlining your project’s process requires careful planning to make sure your schedule and budget requirements are met. Whether you are upgrading, repairing, replacing, expanding, or newly constructing your facility, early collaboration with your piping provider is essential. 

Ahern has expertise in 3D BIM modeling to improve visualization, productivity, and quality of work allowing for on-time project completion. Once your project initiates, we understand plans may change. Our team is able to accommodate schedule priority adjustments and will send you project update statuses to easily track progress. We provide multiple service offerings into one integration solution from start to finish, giving you a single point of contact throughout your entire project and eliminating the hassle of managing multiple contracts. 

Provider Experience & Expertise

When selecting a pipe fabricator for your project, some questions to think about include:

  • How long have they provided this service?
  • Do they have experience with similar projects in your industry?
  • Do they have enough craftsmen with experience to handle your project?
  • What certifications do they have?
  • Do they know the code requirements for your industry and project?
  • What Quality Control methods do they provide?

At Ahern, we have successfully completed multiple projects within the water/wastewater, power generation, oil/gas, utility, and manufacturing industries. Our experience on compressed natural gas projects and more has provided efficiency and cost savings to our clients. We have a team of certified welders, quality welding inspectors, certifications accredited by world wide organizations such as ASME, and extensive inhouse testing capabilities. 

Safety First

Choosing a partner that puts safety at the forefront will help you steer clear of unsafe work processes that could put people and your facility at risk. Ahern has mitigated potential on-site issues by rectifying field weld locations on supplied drawings.  Job site safety is critical, which is why we’ve developed an award-winning safety program. We continually implement methods for improving the safety of our team, as well as yours. 

Pipe Fabrication Services Throughout the Midwest

custom pipe fabrication

Ahern has a proven track record of success fabricating pipe spools and industrial piping for a variety of utility and manufacturing environments including power generation plants, water/wastewater treatment plants, oil/gas and pipeline facilities, chemical processing and more. We have provided piping systems to 49 U.S. states and 8 international countries. We also provide pipe repair and replacement services. Our experience, expertise, and capabilities allow us to be a valued partner.  You can count on our experts for customized solutions to meet your unique needs, project schedule and budget.

Contact our experts today to discuss how we can help you on your next project!

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