Fire Protection System Impairments & Emergency Responses

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Did you know NFPA 25 includes specific building owner responsibilities when a fire protection system is impaired? NFPA defines a fire protection system ‘Impairment’ as:

“A condition where a fire protection system or unit or portion thereof is out of order, and the condition can result in the fire protection system or unit not functioning in a fire event.” (3.3.17, NFPA 25, 2011 edition).

NFPA defines two categories of fire protection system impairments:

  • Emergency Response Impairments (due to an unexpected occurrence).

  • Preplanned Fire Protection System Impairments (a planned out-of-service condition in order to perform work on the fire protection system).

Why Have a Fire Protection Impairment Plan?

The risk of a fire causing major damage and jeopardizing occupant safety is significantly increased whenever a fire safety system is disabled due to maintenance, repair, construction, power outage, or an emergency condition. Having a fire protection impairment plan in place helps safeguard your building and its contents from fire damage and keep occupants safe during an outage.

What Should a Fire Protection Impairment Procedure Include?

Every building or facility owner should have a fire protection system impairment procedure to establish safety measures taken when a system is disabled. An effective management program should ensure:

  • Proper notification is given for an impairment
  • The safe shutdown of a fire protection system
  • All fire hazards are controlled
  • Repairs are expedited to minimize the duration of an impairment

Chapter 15 of NFPA 25 provides detailed instructions for building owners to follow in the event of a fire protection system impairment. These instructions include, but are not limited to:

  • Designating an Impairment Coordinator
  • Notifying the fire department, the insurance carrier, the alarm company, and other Authorities Having Jurisdiction
  • Implementing an approved fire watch
  • Implementing a Tag Impairment System
  • Arranging for repairs and restoring the system to service

Please refer to NFPA 25 for additional fire protection system impairment procedure requirements.

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