Why Every Maintenance Manager Should Consider a Preventive Maintenance Program

plumbing preventative maintenance

Exclusively relying on reactive maintenance leaves your facility susceptible to added costs, unplanned interruptions, and loss in productivity. While your plumbing, HVAC, and fire protection systems may be easy to forget about, these critical building systems play a crucial role in creating a comfortable, safe, and productive working environment. 

Implementing an effectively planned preventive maintenance program can provide significant cost savings and reduce the risk of inevitably dealing with the chaos of a system failure. 

Ahern offers mechanical preventive maintenance agreements (PMAs) and inspection services of these systems to keep them running at optimal efficiency and help maintain code compliance. Read on to learn the economical benefits of preventive maintenance and how we can help. 

Economical Benefits of Preventive Maintenance

  • Longer System Life: Routine maintenance and inspection of your building’s systems can lengthen their lifespan. Keeping them in good working condition and identifying issues before they lead to bigger issues can prevent premature replacement.
  • Increased Efficiency: Well maintained systems will operate more efficiently, helping to reduce energy consumption and costs.
  • Reduce Risk of System Failure: One of the biggest benefits of preventive maintenance is to catch major issues before the system breaks down. It helps to decrease the risk of emergency orders and unplanned downtime leading to loss in productivity. 
  • Reduce Costs: Mechanical preventive maintenance helps reduce the replacement frequency and emergency repairs of these big ticket systems, decreasing your expenses. 
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing your building’s critical systems are well maintained can help you rest easy knowing that they are working in good condition and your chance of having to frantically handle the chaos of a system failure are significantly reduced.

Fire Protection System Maintenance

Keeping your facility and personnel protected requires proper maintenance and inspection of your fire protection systems. Ahern’s provides a variety of fire protection system maintenance and inspection services for all sorts of systems and facilities. 

Our extensive experience has given us the knowledge needed to quickly identify and rectify problems so you can remain focused on your business. 

Learn more about our fire protection system maintenance and inspection services.

Commercial HVAC Preventive Maintenance

To maintain a comfortable and productive working environment, commercial HVAC preventive maintenance is recommended. At Ahern, we service and inspect HVAC systems and equipment, boilers, chillers, and cooling systems. 

We offer 24/7 emergency service so you can rest easy knowing that we can help in the case of a system failure. When partnering with us, you will receive prompt service and a knowledgeable team of experts. 

Learn more about our commercial HVAC preventive maintenance services.

Plumbing Preventive Maintenance

Plumbing systems are easily forgotten due to their location behind walls or under flooring. Since plumbing is an essential system for everyday life, plumbing preventive maintenance can help reduce reactive emergency repairs or replacements and eliminate costly water damage. 

From toilets, sinks, and floor drains to water heaters, boilers, valves and more, Ahern’s service team can ensure your plumbing system is operating efficiently.

Learn more about our plumbing preventive maintenance services.

Ahern’s Preventive Maintenance Program

Every maintenance manager should adopt a preventive maintenance program for their building’s critical systems in order to optimize facility efficiency, reduce costs, and avoid dreadful emergency work orders. 

Ahern’s mechanical preventive maintenance agreements and inspection services can help you be proactive in ensuring your systems are operating efficiently. When partnering with us, you can rest easy knowing that our 24/7 emergency service is there for you to resolve system issues and get your facility back to full productivity with the least impact.

From design to installation, maintenance, inspection, and repair, Ahern has a team of NICET-certified designers, in-house fabrication resources, and experienced field teams to meet your project requirements.

We have 16 locations throughout the Midwest. Find a location near you and contact us to discuss your preventive maintenance service needs.

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