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​Ahern’s experts possess a wide range of knowledge that extends beyond system design, build, and maintenance. Our blog features a number of technical articles written by Ahern employees that range in topics from industry trends, maintenance tools and tips, to service information, and more.


Two or Four Pipe Fan Coil HVAC Systems

HVAC Maintenance is Vital to the Environment and Operation of all Facilities

Believe it or not, summer months are right around the corner and it will be cooling season once again. Before the cooling gets started, a cleaning and inspection is very important to increase and sustain your cooling equipment’s efficiency.

Electric Fire Pump Assemblies & Controllers - Alarms and Signals Remote from Controller

The fire pump controller monitors several alarms and devices specific to the fire pump operation.
Sprinkler Head Instillation

NFPA 13 Versus 13R

When planning a new construction project, it’s important to understand the fire sprinkler code requirements. Learn the difference between NFPA 13 and NFPA 13R in relation to fire sprinkler system design requirements from the experts.

2018 Tax Reform Sprinkler System Incentives for your Business

Now is the time to invest in your fire protection systems or retrofit your building with lifesaving and property conserving protection. New tax reform policy changes will allow businesses and other establishments to better protect their employees and customers through money-saving...
JF Ahern Service Blogs

Considering Changes in Occupancy, Use, Process, or Materials in Your Facility? Re-evaluate Your Fire Protection

Did you know that anytime you change the layout, occupancy, use or process of an area or storage in your facility you need to evaluate the fire protection system’s capacity? As a property owner or designated representative, it becomes your responsibility to evaluate the below factors...
3d Pipe Scanner

3D Laser Scanning Quickens Retrofit Projects

Faced with the task of renovating an existing pump area of a waste water treatment plant with limited on-site personnel available to verify existing conditions, Ahern turned to 3D laser scanning as an alternative method to quickly and accurately digitally document the existing...
Fire Protection System

Understanding Fire Sprinkler Systems and the Need for Maintenance

We have all read about fire deaths too many times during any given calendar year. Witnessing this unnecessary pain and suffering in person or through the news media is truly heartbreaking. Most often these fires originate in mobile or permanent homes causing a large number of deaths...
Ahern Project

Steam Traps Explained

Steam traps are a type of automatic valve that filter out condensate and non-condensable gases (such as air) without letting steam escape. They open, close or modulate automatically, discharging condensate as soon as it is formed in an energy efficient manner.
Fire Sprinkler Installation

CPVC Pipe and Chemical Compatibility

The use of CPVC pipe materials for sprinkler fire protection systems is often the material of choice for several building occupancy types when installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s listings. Recently, Ahern Fire Protection invited a CPVC industry representatives inside our...
Fire Protection

Hydraulic Placard Inspections

Under 2011 NFPA 25, there are many requirements for the inspection and testing of a building’s fire sprinkler system and its many working components, including parts of the system that will never do anything if a fire occurs!
big city skyscrapers

IBC Egress in Stairwell Requirements

As cities grow and/or become more landlocked, the only place to go is up. That is why we are seeing more high-rise and multi-story buildings being constructed to account for the limited space. Larger buildings imply more occupants, so it is critical that residential and commercial...
Ahern Fire Sprinkler

Nitrogen Solutions for Corrosion

Corrosion in fire sprinkler systems has been an issue for as long as systems have been installed. When left unchecked, corrosion can lead to water damage, high repair costs, and reduced system lifespan. The by-products of corrosion can accumulate in the system over time, leading to...
Revit Model

Revit Model: A Case Study

Ahern recently completed a project for a large hospital that required an as-built Revit model. Learn how we did it and what we've learned for future Revit model projects.
Internet Of Things

How the Internet of Things Is Transforming the HVAC Industry

We are sure you all have heard how the Internet of Things (IoT) in HVAC is transforming your lives and homes daily. Smart appliances that can perform tasks from a SmartPhone, such as heating up or defrosting your dinner, drawing a warm bath before you get home from work, scheduling...
Controls Panel

Open Integrated Systems Create Smart Buildings

Ahern is a Distech System Integrator. Distech, based on Niagara framework provides the most "Open", web-based building control system currently available. This allows us to provide a seamless system for HVAC, lighting, cameras, and card access control.
teaching kids fire protection

Lending a Helping Hand

Adam Koenigs, a 5th year plumbing apprentice here at Ahern, traveled to a school in Thangal Dahp, located in the mountains of Nepal on a Health Habitat project. The school was severely stricken by earthquakes in 2015 leaving major damage to the school and surrounding houses. The...
career fair

Spring 2017 Career Fairs

Throughout the year, Ahern representatives attend a number of college career fairs throughout the Midwest. Below is a list of schools scheduled for the Spring season.
Tank-R22 Refrigerant

Phase Out of R-22 Refrigerant

New production and import of most HCFCs (Hyrdochloroflurocarbons) will be phased out by 2020. The most common HCFC in use today is HCFC-22 or R-22, a refrigerant commonly found in air conditioning equipment. EPA regulations issued under Sections 601–607 of the Clean Air Act phase out...

IBC Temporary Standpipe Requirements

It is tough in today’s industry to properly monitor and keep up with municipality requirements as it relates to the fire prevention code. So, many businesses in the fire protection industry follow one or multiple standard influencers – the IFC, IBC, or NFPA.
Pre-Construction Meeting

The Way to Success Starts with Preconstruction

As a preconstruction adviser, Ahern’s knowledge and experience not only benefits the general contractors but the architects and building owners through early involvement in system selection that meets the end users’ goals and budget. Ahern offers several different preconstruction...