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​Ahern’s experts possess a wide range of knowledge that extends beyond system design, build, and maintenance. Our blog features a number of technical articles written by Ahern employees that range in topics from industry trends, maintenance tools and tips, to service information, and more.


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Fire Protection for Kids

Kids are extremely vulnerable when it comes to fire. Their inquisitive nature puts them at risk of starting a fire and, depending on age, kids may struggle to get out of a property safely should a fire occur. The problem is that no matter how extensively we teach kids to respect fire...

Detecting Ignition Sources – Pile Storage & Conveyors

If you are in an industry where your processes involve creating piles of organic combustible materials such as coal or wood chips there is a good chance you will have a fire related to spontaneous combustion.
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Schedule Your Annual Boiler Inspection

Once again winter is quickly approaching. Do you know the importance of boiler inspections? As you may already know, if you have not routinely (annually) performed boiler maintenance, boiler breakdowns can cost thousands of dollars in equipment repairs, as well as hundreds of...
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Fire Protection System Building Owner Impairment Responsibilities

Did you know NFPA 25 includes specific building owner responsibilities when a fire protection system impairment surpasses a specific point? NFPA defines a fire protection system ‘Impairment’ as: “A condition where a fire protection system or unit or portion thereof is out of order,
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LISP Routines Explained

Often while working in CAD, designers are required to perform multiple tasks to complete a desired process. This is where LISP routines come in. LISP routines process large amounts of data and combines multiple functions and commands into a single process. Reducing the amount of...

Fire Sprinkler Inspections: Two Questions for Building Owners

During every annual fire sprinkler inspection, there are two important questions that the building owner needs to be able to answer. Question #1: “Has the occupancy and hazard of contents remained the same since the last inspection?” Fire sprinkler systems are not ‘one size fits all.'...
Control Valves

Seven Steps to Healthy Plumbing Control Valves

Many control valves on plumbing systems go unnoticed until there is a need to stop water flow in all, or a section, of a plumbing system. Don’t wait for an emergency to ensure that your valves are in proper working order! These seven simple steps can save you time and money (and avoid...
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Lasers, Robotics, and… Pipe Hangers?

Construction layout and surveying is all about accuracy. Until recently, these processes were performed manually by multiple people, and took a great deal of time and effort. The emergence of robotics and laser technology, however, has made the layout process faster, less labor...
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The Future of Building Humidity: Pressurized Adiabatic Humidification

Do you want to humidify your building without the use of boilers, electric heating elements or canisters that need cleaning and replacement? Then adiabatic humidification might be for you. The word Adiabatic came from the Greek word adiábat, and now means without heat. Instead of...
Kohler Global-Shooting Space

BIM Basics

BIM is a broad term that stands for “Building Information Modeling”. BIM is used to help depict sequences of activities during a project, clarify spaces, and identify design conflicts between structural and mechanical trades. Why would you want to use BIM on a project?
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The 5-Year Internal Sprinkler Pipe Inspection Explained

NFPA 25 requires an internal inspection of fire sprinkler system piping every five years. This is to be conducted to inspect for the “presence of foreign organic and inorganic material.” Foreign materials can cause obstructions to pipe and sprinklers.
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Work with Purpose

What’s it REALLY like to work at Ahern? Find out how to start a fulfilling career from the people who know—our employees!
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From Shop to Job Site: Prefab Time Lapse

Who knew that prefabricated mechanical racking systems were so COOL? Ahern recently unveiled a time-lapse video that was filmed over several months, chronicling the assembly and installation of 32 multi-trade racking systems for the Froedtert CFAC project in Milwaukee.
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What to Expect from a Fire Department Inspection

Most businesses are subject to regular fire department inspections. Every building has its own special characteristics; therefore, every fire inspection is different. However, there are some common items that fire department officials will inspect in every facility: Means of Egress...

Shop Job Fair!

Join us for a Shop Job Fair on: Monday, November 16, 2015 from 1 to 6 p.m. 845 Morris St. in Fond du Lac, WI. Ahern is hiring welders, shop assistants, quality inspectors, and more! You can apply and interview the same day, or apply online today and an HR representative will contact...
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Living United Through Service

When it comes to community involvement, there is never a shortage of Ahern employees who are willing to lend a hand. No matter the task - whether creating a brand new walking trail, deep cleaning, or raising money through office events – Ahern has a lifelong, genuine dedication to...
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Avoid These 3 Mistakes by Using Fire Protection Preconstruction

Don’t see the value of fire protection preconstruction services during the design phase of your project? The impact might not be visible early on, but as the project advances you’ll see that you’ve avoided potential pitfalls by engaging a fire protection advisor at the outset. We...
Fire Damper

Life Safety Dampers and Damper Testing

When ductwork passes though rated fire or smoke walls, a life safety damper is required in order to maintain the rating of the wall. In the event of a fire, these dampers close and limit the spread of heat and smoke beyond the wall. There are 3 main types of life safety dampers:
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5 Things You Need to Know for Confined Space in Construction

OSHA has issued a new rule to improve safety for construction workers in confined spaces. The rule is similar to the existing general industry standard; however it has some differences tailored to the construction industry, including requirements for a ‘more coordinated’ approach...
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Fall 2015 Career Fairs

Find yourself wondering what it would be like to work at Ahern? Wonder no more! Stop and visit with one of Ahern's representatives and find out for yourself. Throughout the year, the company attends a number of college career fairs across the Midwest. Below is a list of schools...