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Dry Chemical Fire Suppression Systems

When working around a variety of highly flammable materials and liquids typical hazards would include open faced booths, auto paint booths, and paint mix rooms where a versatile fire safety system is needed. Generally the compounds utilized are Class BC (potassium bicarbonate or sodium bicarbonate) and Class ABC (monoammonium phosphate) are disbursed by a nitrogen propellant to smother the fire and block oxygen, also preventing re-ignition. Each system is custom designed with nozzles that can be aimed at specific machines or high-risk areas. If there’s a fire, the system can apply the dry chemical local or total flood the area, either automatically or manually. With over 30 years of experience, JF Ahern will fit your business with the proper dry chemical suppression system based on your needs.

Benefits Of Dry Chemical Fire Suppression

When you have a Dry Chemical Fire Suppression System installed by JF Ahern, you are getting 24-hour fire protection. Dry chemical fire suppression systems are a great replacement for fires where fire sprinkler system are not available or preferred. Although we can customize systems based on your needs, most paint rooms and mixing booths have a standard size, so our systems can be pre-engineered. This helps cut production costs, so we pass the savings onto you. JF Ahern will work with your budget and assist you the protection you need and deserve.

Installation & Maintenance Services

Each dry chemical fire suppression system installed by JF Ahern is NFPA 17 and 33 code compliant. Our manufacture certified technicians will work with your schedule to accurately and efficiently install your Dry Chemical Suppression System so your business can be back up and running in no time. After installation, we will train your staff on how to safely and effectively use the system. JF Ahern will work with your maintenance team to setup a maintenance agreement to perform regular inspections and maintenance.

Let our experts help with your fire suppression needs. Contact us to request a quote or more information!