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Employee Experience

Employee Experience

Experts for Every Project

Ahern is a family-owned business that dates back to a small steam heat and plumbing shop opening in 1880. While it has been built on a heritage of local knowledge and a sense of community, it is now a state-of-the-art entrepreneurial business with customers across the nation.

8 Years
Ahern office employees average 8 years of industry experience.
Over 80% of all Ahern Employees hold professional certifications.
Best Place To Work - Milwaukee Office.
Over 90% of office employees feel that the work that they do at Ahern is personally meaningful.

With 14 office locations and over 1,300 employees, we provide expertise in mechanical contracting, fire protection services, pipe fabrication, and water treatment.  Working across industries and systems, we are helping create and maintain essential infrastructure.

Our continuing expansion and diversification mean we now offer an exciting and wide range of careers for experienced professionals and those starting their careers.  It’s a chance for new members of the team to power our future.

We have also been awarded many corporate and safety awards.

We create and maintain systems that save lives, improve the environment, and ensure personal comfort and well-being.

The above statement is Ahern's Core Purpose and it gets to the heart of exactly what we do and why we do it. Every employee, no matter what their position, operates with that Purpose in mind every day.


The fact that we supply essential systems, means that our people are central to our success. They are the heroes behind the scenes. The teammates who are helping us build and maintain our reputation.


We operate under a set of Unbreakable Values and Beliefs enabling our employees to deliver our results while building long-term relationships:



We are a family owned and operated business stretching back over 135 years. And as each generation has grown the business, we have still managed to retain that family feel – even as we move forward. It’s probably because we feel that heritage, innovation, and future vision are complementary themes. It’s also one of the reasons that many of our people have real connections with Ahern. Family connections.

Pictured here is Terri Anhalt with her family. Terri is a long-time employee at Ahern and has the pleasure of working with 4 of her relatives. The value of family at Ahern hits home for Terri, "Being family-owned, Ahern has a personal interest in the company's success and the community in which they live and work. We are not a big conglomerate looking to get the highest dollar and moving overseas. Ahern takes pride in satisfying and wowing their customers. Work and community relationships are important to us."