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An Unrivaled HVAC Contractor in Milwaukee, WI

How JF Ahern Designed & Installed an HVAC system for a three-story, 40,000 sq. ft. office building two months ahead of schedule

Plumbing manufacturing company, Zurn, partnered with Klein Development to develop a 40,000 square-foot, three-story office building and, as a trusted HVAC contractor in Milwaukee, J. F. Ahern was given the task to design and build an efficient heating and cooling system for the large building. The complex project consisted of a central Roof Top Unit (RTU) with VAV boxes, In-floor Hydronic heat, and the installation of a snow-melt system.

The J. F. Ahern Advantage: A Higher level of Coordination

Because we've been successfully designing, building, and servicing complex HVAC systems for companies like Zurn since our inception (over a century ago), they knew J. F. Ahern was the go-to commercial HVAC contractor in Milwaukee.

Zurn quickly picked up on one of the ways JF Ahern separates itself from the competition: the unrivaled level of coordination used on the project. We understand how important coordination is for every complex HVAC undertaking and it was this understanding (in tandem with weekly construction meetings) that allowed this project—and over 28,000 pounds of HVAC ductwork—to be completed two months ahead of schedule, allowing Zurn to move their 120 employees in before the target date.

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