Fire Protection Foam

Changing Environmental Legislation

For many years, facilities throughout the country have been installing foam-water fire protection systems to protect flammable liquid special hazard areas, now due to changing environmental regulations related to the base chemicals in these foam agents, you could have an issue within your facility needing attention to avoid environmental liability. With a push towards ending the use of PFAS-based AFFF foams, each state has its own regulations, which are constantly evolving.

If you have an AFFF Fire System in your facility, you should have a strategy in place on how to comply. Know or create your Company's management plan that includes testing, incident response, as well as upgrades or replacements. 

Need assistance with moving forward? Contact us today to speak to one of our experts. We can help by assessing your current system and help guide you on the appropriate path for the future. 


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Check out "Fire Protection Foam; Changing Environmental Legislation" for more information. Ahern experts outline the environmental backstory, legislation changes, and what options are available for remaining in compliance. 

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